Duff's Commercial Aircraft Services is your "One Stop Shop", comprehensively serving commercial airlines currently performing military charters in/out of KPOB (Pope Field, NC). While KPOB is our primary station, we do handle several airlines having military charters in/out of Shaw AFB (KSSC Sumter, SC), Seymour Johnson AFB (KGSB Goldsboro, NC) and Missions/Diversions into Fayetteville Regional Airport, NC (KFAY) and Raleigh-Durham International Airport (KRDU) Personnel and Schedule allowing. We remain onsite for the duration of all ground services until the departure message has been received and relayed to airline dispatch/system operations. 

For airline personnel while onsite, Duff’s Aircraft makes available the use of any needed communications equipment to include cellular phones, fax services and internet connection at no additional charge, however, outbound faxes of 10 or more pages and Flight Plans in excess of 60 pages may incur a nominal fee.  Duff’s coordinates with all flight line agencies for all required equipment such as Air Stairs, Fueling, Baggage/Cargo up and downloading equipment, Landing Rights, In/Out General Declarations and with notice can assist with Catering of Meals (Subject to availability by Outside Vendor). 


Duff’s Aircraft supervises all baggage/cargo distribution according to weight and balance requirements. For all uploads, Duff’s Aircraft representatives are onsite to witness and verify firsthand the scaled weights of all baggage and passenger weights with carryon items and ensure compliance with DTR Regulations.  All weights rendered to the front-end crews/loadmasters are certified scale weights (Scales calibrated quarterly).  For some airlines, Duff’s Aircraft has trained and qualified personnel to compute a weight/balance with specific computer programs for such duties. Duff’s Aircraft coordinates transportation for all crews needing transport to/from flight line to/from local commercial airports or hotels at KPOB and some availability at KGSB.  We can provide assistance in finding appropriate local hotel accommodations at KPOB for crew members given Duff’s Aircraft is more familiar with the local area and the proximity to the flight line.


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